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A Study "Quilted Tunic"

A Study "Quilted Tunic"

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100%  Nylon

Heavy cotton Rib 

Hand stitched artwork/pattern

Hand Embroidered Dove

Cut & Sew

Made on U.S. Soil 


This is a Study:

The blueprint for any work of art. Commonly known as a sketch/drawing/ or painting, usually made before any artwork is created. The study is used to help an artist come up with ideas, visualize how the piece will look,  and to help figure out how to execute ideas or visions. The nature of this process is very experimental. If the artist’s mind was a dresser drawer that was emptied, the study would be the clothes dumped onto the bedroom floor. Interestingly, some collectors actually prefer to buy studies because they indeed give a glimpse of what the artists was seeing, and the process the artist used while trying to come up with an idea.

Each design from this series is sewn/drawn by hand using a specialized machine, which is not normally used for the purpose of creating artwork.  Some of the designs are preconceived, while some are not. Each design embodies what we, as artists, may be seeing, or feeling during the sewing process, or at any particular moment in time. The ultimate goal is to open the channels between the mind and the hands to manipulate stitch patterns into works of art. No one piece is the same, similar to how a moment in time can never be recreated exactly.


Tailor Notes:

This garment has an oversize fit. The length is cropped. (Check photo/spec for measurements)


Orders process in 2-3 days. Each garment is made individually. Allow a week for the garment to ship.

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